HUION HS611 Graphics Drawing Tablet

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  • Innovative 8 multimedia keys - HS611 is the first pen tablet equipped with multimedia keys, the 8 multimedia keys are ergonomically designed on the top of the pen tablet, helping to maximize productivity. Features included: volume mute / low / up, play previous / pause / next, switch between software / switch to desktop. It's a great option for video editors and people who like to listen to music while creating.
  • 10 Programmable Press Keys and Touch Strip: 10 programmable press keys can be customized in Huion Driver and Huion Sketch APP. The added programmable touch strip can easily zoom in or out of your canvas. Type C plug, easy to plug in and pull out with any direction that is more convenient and stable.
  • Ultra Thin & Large Work Area - The HS611 Drawing Tablet measures only 8mm thick and weighs 19.40oz. It is the thinnest tablet on the market, easy to carry the tablet. 6.35 x 10.17 inches (6.358 x 10.17 inches) enough work surface, provides you worry-free drawing experience. The dot grid cover specifies the working area and therefore improves the precision of the work. From head to toe, from crevices to corners, HS611 is all in the same color, even the pen matches the color.
  • Battery-Free Capacitive Pen: The battery-free PW500 digital pen with 266 PPS report rate and 8192 pressure sensitivity level gives you smooth lines and nature. The ± 60 ° tilt stand mimics real brush strokes, giving you a more realistic drawing experience.