RCF Mixer Amplifier AM 1125 | AM 1125 مضخم صوت

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RCF Mixer Amplifier 120w/AM1125

The AM 1125 from RCF is a 120W mixer-amplifier with 4 audio inputs. Audio input 1 has Phantom power supply and priority over the other audio inputs through either external command or automatically, due to the 'VOX' circuit. Dual RCA connectors can be used to link unbalanced stereo sound sources such as CD or MP players, tuners, etc.

The amplifier output is available either for low impedance loudspeakers (min. 4 Ω) or 100 - 70 V constant voltage line (for loudspeakers having 100 - 70 V transformers). It can also be powered by 24 V batteries in order to ensure its proper operation even when the main supply is unavailable.

  • 120W 4-inputs Mixer-Amplifier
  • 4 XLR input
  • VOX facility and Phantom power supply on input 1
  • Audio input 3 with dual RCA connector
  • Aux input on dual RCA connector
  • DUCKING Control to adjust the Aux in level
  • Audio output (RCA connector) sends the same signal routed to the internal amplifier
  • Audio input for external devices directly to the internal power amplifier
  • AM 1125 Input for the secondary 24 V dc power supply (batteries)
  • Amplifier output to loudspeakers, available as 100 / 70 V constant voltage line and Low